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Doctor Who

#3.9 - The Savages
The Doctor is a mysterious time traveller from a distant planet. He travels through time and space in the TARDIS, (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) The TARDIS is disguised as a 1960's London Police Box which is larger on the inside than on the outside. His adventures take him through time and space to other planets and galaxies and any period of time within the history of these Planets and galaxies. He has a fondness for Earth and it's inhabitants and has visited there many times at various stages in it's history. His main aim is to fight evil and oppression whereever he finds it. He is usually aided and sometimes hindered in this quest by one or two traveling companions he picks up at various points in his adventures. His greates foes have been the Daleks, the Cybermen and an evil opposite from his own race called the Master.

  • Actor Character
  • William Hartnell The Doctor (1963-1966)
  • Edward Caddick Wylda
  • Christopher Denham Second Assistant
  • John Dillon Savage
  • Geoffrey Frederick Exorse
  • Patrick Godfrey Tor
  • Tim Goodman Guard
  • Norman Henry Senta
  • Tony Holland Third Assistant
  • Frederick Jaeger Jano
  • Clare Jenkins Nanina
  • Andrew Lodge First Assistant
  • Kay Patrick Flower
  • Robert Sidaway Avon
  • Ewen Solon Chal
  • Peter Thomas Captain Edal